Condition of Indian women before and after marriage

Its Mona Chandrika from Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, India. Greatly privileged and exalted to be a part of this Women Conference(4th World Conference on Women’s Studies 2018). There are many issues to be addressed to the world. In particular I wish to write a precise summary about the condition of Indian women before and after marriage. These are the two extreme phases in every Indian women life… Even though the opinions differ let me raise my voice for it. The working condition of India is really air-tight, very difficult to manage both the workstation and our sweet home. Main reason for this is our economic situation pushing us to seek a job for our survival….a few like me go for jobs to feel satisfied being an educated lady…….even while selecting the option, we are going for our family members’ convenience not to be fulfilled with our happiness…..another aspect is the timings, the full day we are occupied no leisure, no time to eat a balanced diet , not a pleasant sleep even……..Though part time and shift system is available, not every workplace has this opportunity……Further the authority levels suppresses the women too much out of the way at times….I surmise not only Indian women many other country ladies too are in the same boat……I wish this matter must be taken seriously into consideration……All the remedies have to be in the form of Acts and must be enforced strictly …….. Women should be given freedom to play our family roles properly along with our career…..I stand with this World Women Conference 2018 to endeavor our accomplishments to change the perception of the whole world about us……..…….  Let us be recognized in the exact way we earn for!!!!

By: C Mona Chandrika