Conference Award Winners – ICED 2019

The International Institute of Knowledge Management (TIIKM), Sri Lanka has organized the 3rd International Conference on Economics and Development 2019 on 13th – 14th June 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand under the theme Fourth Industrial Revolution: Current Practices, New Challenges and Opportunities”. TIIKM joined hands Department of Economics, School of Business, Independent University Bangladesh, Bangladesh; Department of Economics, Epoka University, Albania and the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka as the Hosting Partners. Ishik University, Iraq was the Academic Partner of the Conference.

Each of the sessions and presentations was evaluated by the individual International evaluation committee and based on their marks and conference chairs consent session best presenters, Best Student presenter and Best Overall presenter were selected. Best Student presenter and Best overall presenter won Free Registration for ICED 2020 with many more benefits.



ACHIEVER – Overall Best Presenter
Dr. N. Farrag from (University of Prince Edward Island) in Universities of Canada, Egypt became the Session’s Best Presenter and the Session was “MACROECONOMIC ISSUES” under the topic “Female Education and Economic Growth: An Empirical Investigation for Egypt”.


ACHIEVER – Best Student Presenter
Kii Geat Johan Lim from Tunku Abdul Rahman University College, Malaysia became the Session’s Best Presenter and the Session was “ENTREPRENEURSHIP” under the topic “Industry Competition and Competitiveness: An Analysis on Handicraft Industry in Vietnam”.


Session’s Best Presenter
Behera D.K. from National Institute of Technology Patna, India became the Session’s Best Presenter and the Session was “ENVIRONMENTAL AND SUSTAINABLE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT”. His title was “Determinants of Farmer’s Participation in Contract Farming: A Study from Bihar in India”.


Session’s Best Presenter
B.W.R. Damayanthi from University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka became the Session’s Best Presenter and the Session was “SOCIAL, ENVIRONMENT AND SUSTAINABLE GROWTH” under the topic “Factors Influencing Child Wellbeing in Rural Sri Lanka”.


Session’s Best Presenter
K.A.D.U Jayatissa from National Institute of Business Management, Sri Lanka became the Session’s Best Presenter and the Session was “INDUSTRIAL ORGANIZATION AND POLICY” under the topic “The Relationship between Perceived Organizational Support and Employee Intention to Leave – An Empirical Study Conducted on Construction Site Workers”.



The Conference has 2 Panel Discussions, One Panel Discussion was “The Role of Education in Economic Development”, Moderated by Brian D. Beitzel, Ph.D. The Panel Discussion opened up both Qualitative and Quantitative Educational Opportunities which was imparted to the labour force that holds the key to economic development. The other Panel Discussion was “Role of Policy Makers for a Better Economy” and it was led by the Conference Keynote Speaker Prof. Santosh Mehrotra. This Discussion was focused on making fundamental changes to the rules and agencies that have become outdated and giving potential policymakers the confidence to work toward meeting the ever-changing needs for a better economy. The Conference also had an interactive Workshop on Strategies for Applying Course Content to Real- World Contexts was conducted by Dr. Brian D. Beitzel Ph.D. This Workshop discussed strategies for assisting learners to identify how course material applies to situations in everyday life, empowering them to be more effective as citizens in the modern world.