KEYNOTE SPEAKER – Media Conference Italy

Dr. Giovanni Boccia Artieri

University of Urbino



We are pleased to announce that Dr. Giovanni Boccia Artieri will be a keynote speaker for the 6th World Conference on Media and Mass Communication 2020 (MEDCOM). Giovanni Boccia Artieri is a sociologist, writer and Full Professor in Sociology of Communication and Digital Media. Currently, he is serving as the Dean at the Department of Communication and Human Studies of the University Of Urbino CarloBo Italy.

His main research interests revolve around media theory, with a specific focus on social network society and participatory culture. Current research projects include the social history of the Internet; social television; big data/deep data research methodology; social network sites as a ground to observe and study emergent social phenomena.

He is also President of the Degree in Advertising Media Information, coordinator of the Research Doctorate in Sociology of Communication and Entertainment Sciences and Vice Director of LaRiCA, research laboratory on advanced communication. His research interests concern the relationship between media, identity and society; the languages ​​and expressive forms of completed modernity; participatory cultures and Transmedial narratives; connected publics and productive publics.

The 6th World Conference on Media & Mass Communication 2020 (MEDCOM) will be held on the 28th – 30th May 2020 in Sardinia, Italy under the theme “ Communication and Cultural Change“.

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