We are pleased to inform that Warm Heart Worldwide will be a media partner for the 2nd international conference on Global warming & climate change 2019 (GLOBEWARM). Warm Heart is a North Thai grassroots community development organization serving the rural poor. We partner with communities to find environmentally, economically and socially sustainable solutions to community-identified needs. Warm Heart is nondenominational, non-discriminatory and nonpartisan. We follow the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Warm Heart has developed and deployed a model biochar social enterprise that incentivizes small farmers not to burn field waste but to convert it into biochar, this small village business cools the climate, cleans the environment, improves public health and reduces rural poverty.

The 2nd International Conference on Global Warming & climate Change 2019 (GLOBEWARM) will be held on the 3rd – 4th of October 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand under the theme “Global Warming and Planning the Sustainable future”