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Rethinking Women in politics- sharing a life story


An academic expert in women rights

Dr. Sharifa Al Yahyai, one of Oman’s strongest advocates for women’s rights, Omani women have almost limitless potential that can yield great things for Oman if given the chance. An acclaimed academic, one of the youngest Ministers in the nation’s history, and a devoted mother, Dr. Al Yahyai is proof that Oman’s women are up to the challenge. Yet Omani society as a whole must also support greater integration of women by continuously strengthening the protection of equal rights and empowering girls at a young age to take control of their destinies. “You need to have the desire to change your life and make your own future,” she advises young Omani women. “As citizens, you have equal rights with men, but you have to work hard to safeguard these rights by practicing them.”

As a researcher, writer, and motivational speaker, Dr. Al Yahyai is an academic expert in women rights in both the Sultanate of Oman and GCC. She played a significant role in improving national policies related to women rights in Oman during her position as a Minister of Social Development from 2004 to 2011.

One of the best Award winners in Oman 

Since her appointment as Minister of Social Development in 2004, Dr. Al Yahyai has been participating actively in a number of national and international conventions related women’s empowerment, child rights, civil society and the overall social development in Oman. She presented a number of papers on women’s empowerment, leadership and examining legislation and practice in Oman in national and international conferences. On the policy-making level in Oman, she was appointed as a board member in a number of national councils such as the Higher Education Council, The Research Council and headed the National Committee of Family Affairs and the UN CEDAW Committee. Most importantly, in Nov 2005, Dr. Al Yahyai has received Civil Ordinance of Oman- Class II by HM The Sultan Qaboos. In 2008, Dr. Al Yahyai has awarded the Arab Woman distinguished Award from Arab Women Foundation in Social Work.  In Dec 2018, Dr. al Yahyai received the Arab Women Award of the Year 2018 by London Arabia Foundation and Regent London University.

During her academic role in Sultan Qaboos University prior to being a Minister of Social Development, she published a number of studies relevant to gulf literature, Omani poems, and women’s social and cultural values. From 2001 – 2004 she was a Professor in the Department of Arabic Literature in Sultan Qaboos University and currently a visiting lecturer in College of Arts & Social Sciences.

Attending Conferences : 

Dr. Sharifa Al Yahyai will be speaking in The 2nd International Conference on Gender & Sexuality 2019 organized by The International Institute of Knowledge Management  is scheduled to be held on 03 – 04 October 2019 in Colombo, Sri Lanka under the theme Rethinking Women in politics- sharing a life story.”

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