Women Rape Victims Seeking Justice

Why does sexual assault still feel like a shameful secret? It’s never her fault. If someone told you they’d been sexually assaulted, what would you say? Find out how your answers could be discouraging victims from reporting their attacks.
Frustration , guilt , regret , disappointment , humiliation , there are a numer of reasons that women don’t come forward about sexual assault, unfortunately they don’t know what their rights ate.
Most of the victims are attacked by someone they know. And when that person is linked to the victim’s social standings or economic survival there are even more reasons to them to stay quiet. Apparently there is this very real question of whether or not reporting the assault will result in action? However, victims are responsible for the conduct of their rapist so if they don’t report what happened it’s the victim’s fault if another person is attacked.
Finally it’s up to all of us to create environment where women feel safe and be treated with dignity and respect.

Women Rape Victims Seeking Justice.

By: Natashya Kodituwakku