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There are thousands of Conferences happening each year in Asia. Millions of people participate in Conferences every year. We have tried to make a list of best Academic Conferences out of thousands of Academic Conferences prevalent in the industry today. However, due to the COVID 19 Pandemic many of those Conferences are converted to the either the Virtual or the Hybrid mode of event.

The list prepared on the basis of considering the Academic quality of the Conference in the lights of credibility of partners and organizers, affiliations, the community engagement, past history, speakers, diversity of participants and the novelty of the service provided.

ICEDU 2021

The International Conference on Education 2021 popularly referred to as ICEDU organized for the 7th consecutive time this year is conducted virtually. The Conference has recorded an attendance of more than 1200 participants from 45 different countries representing over 150 universities from across the globe. There are many prominent speakers joining with the Conference and participants have opportunities to attend a range of workshops at no additional cost. This Education Conference will be a great opportunity for Scholars in Education, Teachers, and the Corporate in the realm of learning solutions, Policymakers and all other stakeholders.


WCWS 2021

The World Conference on Women’s Studies 2021 is one of the most recommended Women Studies Conference in Asia. Many Researchers, Activists and Scholars participate in this Conference each year from different parts of the World. The Conference is affiliated with the Bridgewater State University, USA, Tokyo Gakugei University, Japan and many other renowned Universities and Associations. This is one of the biggest Conferences to attend in this year.


ICOPH 2021

ICOPH 2021 or the International Conference on Public Health is one of the largest gathering for Public Health experts, Academics and Professionals operating with the aim of developing a greater community. This is one of the most popular Conference held in the Asia Pacific region with a history of over 1500 participants having participated in this gathering. It is estimated that over 350 prominent scholars in the field of Public Health will be presenting their research findings at ICOPH 2021. The Conference is believed to be insightful with the novel findings of COVID 19 disease and related topics. The experience shared from the past participants on the richness of the Conference when knowledge is considered has been full of positivity.


Future of Education 2021

The Future of Education Conference is another renowned Conference in Asia organized with the objective of discussing the future of the Education sector with increasing technology. Several renowned speakers, customized career development workshops blended with high quality publication opportunities make the Future of Education conference a must attend one.


World Conference on Disability and Rehabilitation

This is one of the most praised Conferences in the field of Disability and Rehabilitation from the scholars, policy makers and the community at large. Globally renowned Scholars will be attending as Key speakers and researchers representing from different parts of the world will be presenting original research papers while many NGO’s, Associations and companies participate as listeners and in the form of Exhibitors. Many Government and Non-Governmental organizations and Academic bodies are affiliated with WDRC 2021.


ICFA 2021

Fisheries and Aquaculture Conference (ICFA 2021) is a premier international forum which covers innovative approaches, new techniques and systems in the fields of Fisheries and Aquaculture. The platform creates an excellent opportunity to meet researchers and world prominent speakers to engage, discuss and be exposed to the field of study. The 8th Edition of the International Conference on Fisheries and Aquaculture 2021 will be a platform of sharing information pertaining to the impact of Covid-19 pandemic in the fields of Fisheries and Aquaculture and to build consensus on the challenges and opportunities for managing the pandemic situation.



Agriculture 2021 Conference (AGRICO 2021) is organized for the 8th consecutive year in the mode of Virtual conference. The Conference will be an innovative and informative International Conference reflecting the direction of Agriculture while offering a wide range of opportunities to participants of all backgrounds. In excess of 850 participants from over 30 countries attended the Conferences in the past 7 years and shared the knowledge and experiences to secure the future of Agriculture and related matters.


CCY 2021

The World Conference on Children and Youth 2021(CCY 2021) is a leading interdisciplinary forum for Children and Youth Activists, Researchers, Practitioners and Academicians. The Conference will provide the platform to present and discuss the latest research findings, concerns, practical challenges encountered with the solutions adopted in the field. The Conference will be the most suitable forum to prepare parents or guardians of Children in the world to adapt and respond to the evolving environment whilst the Youth will be enlightened as to how best to utilize this phase of life to engage in building something meaningful in life.


MEDIA 2021

The International Conference on Media Science and Digital Communication 2021 (MSDC 2021) will provide a premier interdisciplinary platform to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, concerns and solutions adopted in the fields of media sciences and digital communication. Intention of the conference is to bring together leading Academics, Scientists, Scholars, young Researchers and students to exchange and share their experiences and research results in the field. This year’s Conference will explore how the pandemic and post-pandemic change is managed and adapted through the new research of cultural and technological dynamics.


Gender 2021

The 4th International Conference on Gender and Sexuality 2021 encourages Academics, Researchers, Activists, Practitioners, Government officials, Diplomats and other interested parties to provide their unique perspectives and knowledge on these and other matters related to the subjects of Gender and Sexuality. Gender Studies 2021 aims to bring together current research on gender and sexuality and provide them the opportunity to share their thoughts, exchange ideas, listen to renowned keynote speakers, expand their network and jointly explore current and future research directions.


ICOSS 2021

The 8th International Conference on Social Sciences (ICOSS 2021) is the 8th edition in a series of successful Conferences on Social Sciences organized by The International Institute of Knowledge Management (TIIKM). ICOSS is the leading Academic and Industry gathering for presenting novel and fundamental advances in the field of Social Sciences. It brings academicians, social workers, policymakers, and other stakeholders from many countries while creating a great opportunity to meet new colleagues and develop new professional relationships.


ICAHH 2021

ICAHH 2021 provides a wonderful opportunity for you to enhance your knowledge and share new research findings in Archaeology, History, and Heritage. The Conference will feature renowned speakers from the Academia and the industry who would be addressing useful information pertaining to a particular topic. This Conference will provide a great platform to highlight recent archeological discoveries, peer-reviewed Academic research, and evidence, as well as offering alternative viewpoints and explanations on Science, Archeology, and history representing from different corners of the world.


ICOHT 2021

Tourism is one of the most rapidly growing and dynamic industries in the world. The hospitality industry serves tourism in line with the culture pertaining to each country. The International Conference on Tourism and Hospitality Management (ICOHT) 2021 brings both industries together and creates a bridge for global scholars, industry experts globally, renowned universities, and research centres to network and collaborate under the theme “Post-Pandemic Tourism & Hospitality”. ICOHT has served the industry for the last 7 years with a total of around 300 participants representing 20 different countries from across the globe promoting the beauty and prosperity of the hosting country to the rest of the world. ICOHT is your platform- Network with the industry experts strengthening the stronghold of the bridge.


ICOAH 2021

Arts and Humanities is a branch pertaining to the Social, Cultural aspects of humans. “Health in the Arts and Humanities” is believed to be a vital topic to be discussed in the Post-Pandemic Era. The 8th International Conference on Arts and Humanities (ICOAH) 2021 will be a global platform for Artists, Researchers, Academics, Educators, Art Administrators, Policymakers, Advocates, Media Specialists, Cultural Community Activists, and Social Scientists to collaborate in exploring the many aspects of health and the roles in the fields of the Arts and Humanities in understanding and promoting health. ICOAH has served the industry for the past 7 years with over 500 participants from 20 different countries across the globe.


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