Is marriage a barrier to aspire her dreams?


Every woman in this world has her own dreams and hopes and women are born with a special power to achieve their dreams. In my point of view every women should be strong economically and respected by the society. No matter whether she is married or not, I believe all women should have a job or proper income in their life. But why we are highlighting married woman? Marriage is another stage of life not a barrier of life. But most of the women in today’s world leave their jobs after the marriage. This has become a serious issue in most of the rural families in Asian countries.

The main reason behind their decision is an influence of husbands to leave the job and lack of support. The question is why the society consider women are not capable enough to balance her family and career. From a daughter she becomes a wife and eventually mother. Her husband and family should give her the maximum support to balance her family life and work life because a woman should have the right to independent life, financial freedom, self-development and self-respect by making her own choices.

hiruni uthpali dayananda

By: hiruni uthpali dayananda

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