Stella Maris College’s Fine Arts Department: Academic Partner for ICOAH 2024

The 11th International Conference on
Arts & Humanities - ICOAH 2024


Prepare to immerse yourself in the world of creativity and academic discourse as we introduce Stella Maris College’s Fine Arts Department, a distinguished academic partner for the upcoming 11th International Conference on Arts & Humanities (ICOAH) 2024. Nestled within the cultural landscape of India, this department stands as a beacon of artistic exploration and scholarly engagement.

Stella Maris College traces its humble beginnings to a small edifice in Santhome, Mylapore, where it commenced its journey with just 32 students. However, since relocating to its current campus, known as “The Cloisters,” on Cathedral Road in 1960, the college has flourished into a vibrant institution of higher learning. Today, with an enrollment exceeding 5000 students representing diverse backgrounds and cultures, Stella Maris College epitomizes inclusivity and academic excellence.

Central to Stella Maris College’s educational philosophy is the belief in experiential learning and research-driven inquiry. Across more than 20 departments, including Fine Arts, the college fosters an environment where faculty and students alike are encouraged to delve into research projects that transcend the boundaries of conventional classroom instruction. With robust support from national and international funding sources, these projects serve as conduits for the application of theoretical knowledge in real-world contexts, fostering the generation of novel insights and discoveries.

As a proud partner for ICOAH 2024, Stella Maris College’s Fine Arts Department brings to the forefront a wealth of artistic talent, scholarly expertise, and a dedication to pushing the boundaries of creative expression. Together, we embark on a journey of intellectual exploration and cultural exchange, poised to engage in meaningful dialogues and forge lasting connections within the global arts and humanities community.