Successful Completion of Workshop on “Why Publish” at GLOBEHEAL 2023

The workshop started with the question WHY PUBLISH?



The answers were to take your place in the world of science, to grasp opportunities to make a difference, to discover your passion, and to advance your career.

Suggested to consider the audience, and to think about what your audience already know, explore what has been previously published and cited. Discussed about the challenges in publishing like English not being the native language, cultural issues, and differences in the guidelines of each journal.

Discussed about how the work is evaluated differently as qualitative and quantitative and about the style and the adequacy of the references. Highlighted the important points that should be considered when explaining the work. And stated that the international appeal must be explicit throughout the manuscript. Highlighted the importance of the correct use of grammar. And then discussed how to write an introductory paragraph.

“We require an introductory paragraph in which authors tell our interdisciplinary international audience their intention to make a theoretical, methodological and/or practice contribution to global scientific literature.”

Stated that it is against in Health Care for Women editorial policy to refer people whom you study as subjects. Also, editors reserve the right to modify stylistic guidelines from time to time. Explained the importance of page length and word length and about the literature review policy. A literature review should include a proper theoretical contribution. Also, should provide a summary of substantive information that does not otherwise exist in the literature.