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Are you a Presenter or Attendee in an International Conference?

Presenters Vs an Attendees in an International Conference- knowing the difference.

An international conference is a knowledge sharing platform under a certain subject or a theme, which is generally contributed by a global crowd coming from every corner of the world. The common purpose that an international conference serves is disseminating knowledge about one selected topic through research findings presented and journal articles published- which are of course the final outcomes of any conference.

So, according to the purpose that someone takes part in a conference, his role can be differentiated. It is, those who have done researches and take part in a conference to present the findings and to get their article published are ‘presenters’ while, those who take part in a conference to know about a certain topic by listening to the presentations and actively engaging with the discussions are ‘attendees’. Attendees do not have researches to present, but they can probably be the ones who can have multiple questions to be asked from researchers who present at each technical session.

More often, people get confused in-between the concepts of attendees and presenters in an international conference. Sometimes they think you necessarily have to have a research paper to take part in a conference, but that’s not the case. You can always try the attendee option if your motive is to grab more and more knowledge, without presenting a research paper of your own.

This discussion is to clear your doubts and instill the fact that international conferences are for attendees too, not being limited to the presenters.


The role of the attendee

Attendees for international conferences may represent both the academic and corporate sectors quite equally. Academics do take part in the conferences as attendees when they want to know deeper facts about his/her field of interest, sometimes may be useful for the research that he/she is currently conducting. Rather than exploring what is there on journals and books, through this method, they can have live discussions with intellectuals in his field.

On the other hand, the corporate world, nowadays, consider training and development of their employees to be of utmost importance and they tend to make their staff attend international conferences that are of value to them. These attendees are generally company funded and their purpose is also similar to that of an academic attendee, which is knowledge and experience gathering, and sharing-if possible.


Other benefits to attendees

Be it an academic or a corporate attendee in the audience of an international conference, his primary motive and also the key benefit that he gets is the knowledge and insights about a particular field through others’ presentations and discussions. But there are many other benefits, in addition to this key aspect.

International Conferences are a perfect networking platform for everyone. People who get chosen as conference chairpersons, keynote speakers and plenary speakers are the best intellectuals in one field and those who are still at the beginning of their academic pathways or career ladders do not get opportunities to meet them and have discussions with them if not in such a setting. Thus, networking is one of the best advantages that attendees do get by taking part in a conference.

To facilitate these networking moments, today, conferences have come up with several value-added segments in their agendas. Networking meals, cultural dinners, round table discussions, student forums and ice-breaking games in between here and there are just some of them. We live in a society where contacts and relationships have become so important and the new friendships and contacts that you build at conferences like these will be more valuable to you tomorrow, than they are today, because the value for knowledge and intellectualism increase day by day, whatever said and done.


Entitlements of attendees

At an international conference, attendees and presenters are treated so equally, and all opportunities and spaces entitled by the presenters, except for the presenting opportunity, are also entitled by the attendees without any difference.

Conference packs, certificates, and accesses to every segment on the agenda are all entitled by the attendees too, giving maximum benefits to the investment they do.

*If you have not yet attended an international conference, we invite you to join hands with TIIKM Conferences as an attendee first, and then as a presenter. You may explore the wonders researchers all around the globe do with their researches and what a service they render to the society and the world at large.

Or else, if you are someone who has already developed a passion towards researching, or already conducting research upon a specific title, be an attendee of one of the conferences in your field, and grab more and more information that can build up your research further. Question the experts until you clear all your doubts and leave the conference with a clear mind, and that’s what we, as conference organizers can grant you for your future success.

Everyone in this world has their part to do, and we at TIIKM help you do it, through our conferences- with utmost pleasure.


By: Oshadee Withanawasam


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