Dr. Martin Lee

Dr. Martin Lee, Country Coordinator for ICOAH 2022 from Hong Kong

Dr. Martin LeeDr. Martin Lee, Music Theorist
Assistant Professor and Programme Leader (HDMS)
School of Humanities and Languages & Department of General Education and Language Studies
Caritas Institute of Higher Education
Caritas Bianchi College of Careers

Dr. Martin Lee is one of the very few active music theorists in Hong Kong. Not only in the music discipline, but he also delivers research papers in the biblical and theological, as well as in music education and tertiary music curriculum development, conferences ranging from local to international levels. His recent research project includes the application of music semiotics in Messiaen’s music with respect to his synaesthesia, Catholic and theological beliefs. Currently, Lee is Assistant Professor and the Programme Leader of Higher Diploma in Music Studies at Caritas Institute of Higher Education and Caritas Bianchi College of Careers. He studied music and received B.A. and M.Phil. degrees from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He continued his studies in the United States with the support of full scholarship and presidential fellowship and received his Ph.D. degree in music theory from the University at Buffalo (SUNY). He enjoys cooking, eating, reading, and photo-shooting for his friends’ concert performance during his leisure time.

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