Faculty of Public Health, Sam Ratulangi University Academic Partnering with ICOPH 2023

Faculty of Public Health, Sam Ratulangi University

The 09th International Conference on Public Health 2023 (ICOPH 2023) which will be held from 03rd – 04th August 2023, Faculty Of Public Health, Sam Ratulangi University, Indonesia  as an Academic Partner.

The dream of establishing a state university or university in Manado, which at that time was the center of government and regional activities for North and Central Sulawesi, can be said to have been pioneered by the existence of the Pinaesaan University which was founded on October 1, 1954 in Tondano, only has one faculty, namely the Faculty of Law. Together with Permesta University which was founded on September 23, 1957 in Manado, Pinaesaan University is actually the embryo of the future development of Sam Ratulangi University.

Having two universities with private status has not satisfied the taste of the residents (Sumekolah). Therefore, at the initiative of the people of North and Central Sulawesi (military leaders, civilians, and intellectuals), there was unity and determination to realize the establishment of a state university in both regions, which is expected to be the pride of the general public and the people of North Sulawesi. and Central in particular.

Based on the Decree of the President of the Republic of Indonesia Number 277 dated September 14, 1965, the ratification of this public university in Manado, along with its name from the University of North and Central Sulawesi became Sam Ratulangi University, abbreviated UNSRAT.

Now Sam Ratulangi University is a state university has 11 Faculties with 47 Undergraduate Programs and 27 Postgraduate Programs consisting of S2, S3, Profession and Specialist. In total there are 74 Study Programs. And The faculty Of Public Health is the youngest faculty within Sam Ratulangi University which was established on April 17, 2009

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