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People have various measurements to judge others. Beauty, intelligence, money are a few of them. People check intelligence by counting the number of degrees a person earned. We follow various degree programs to show that we are educated people to our society. You could be an undergraduate or postgraduate by now. Or maybe you are in the final year and few more months to complete your degree.

Let me ask a question from you. If you have completed your degree, have you done research as a part qualification to complete your degree? Definitely you have to do research. The content doesn’t matter. It should be a research because it covers a big number of credits and your ultimate plan is to get good credit to cover the Grade Point Average (GPA) Value by hook or by crook.

So here you are in the final year wasting your blood and sweat to get a good mark and complete the degree. Your supervisor had been advising you to refer to research papers and find good approaches to do your research. Now comes the big problem which university students mostly face during their whole university life. They find good research articles on the internet but they are unable to access. They don’t find good supporting articles to cover their research subjects. So they are restricted to a less number of research papers and carry their research. Anyhow here you are after jumping over the most obstacles and your precious degree which was in your dreams now is in your arms.



But what happened to your research?

Do you have a hardbound copy which is safely lying in your cupboard? Is that the real place your research belongs to? Do you have any idea how many students per year are struggling to complete their thesis but they don’t have sufficient papers to access?

The answer is in your drawers. You can work into it and make it publish. There are plenty of publication avenues you can utilize. Let me explain what are the advantages of publishing your paper.


How it works

Publishing a full paper is not an easy task. Because you have to make sure that your publication does not violate publication ethics. Lots of Asians copy other research papers as it is since they are not confident in their English knowledge. So they try to copy paste the whole document and publish it as their own work. This violates intellectual property rights as well. Therefore your piece of work should be original. Other than lots of publication platforms will reject your hard work. If your hard work accepted, then your full paper starts to circulate here and there. Lots of people from all over the world may read your work and some may download your paper to refer your research to plan their research tasks as well. There is a system much alike point system. When your paper starts to visible more, you get more points. These we call as H index and i10 index. If you have H index more than 10 that means you are recognized as a good researcher. These indices have been developed by scientific indexing databases to showcase the impact of your research.



Perks of publishing

You can change the world and give small support to build the development of your nation meanwhile developing your career. You could be able to reach for promotions and escalate the ladder of success. Having a quite good number of publications and good H index number with an i10 number would do miracles. You can apply for scholarships or academic positions which you were ever dreaming of. To reach that goal, to achieve that target we are introducing a new path to publish your full paper.

KnowEx online journal is now active and you can submit your papers. It is an open access journal collection. Which means your paper can visible for anybody from anywhere. KnowEx will help you to escalate your research career and reach your life goals free of hassles.



By: Ruksheela Bangamuwage

Email: ruksheela@tiikm.com


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