NO WORK AFTER MARRIAGE by Asst. Prof. Eren Evin Kilickaya Boğ

I think that it is not easy to work for a woman after marriage especially after getting a baby. Because in most of the cultures women have some other responsibilities of feeding the children or doing some household works. So especially after getting a baby it is so hard to go back to work in terms of adopting to work conditions again, and working on same performance. As I am going to give an example as my own experience; when I was doing my PhD study in university and I am a research assistant at the same time, it not easy to work on my PhD thesis and doing the household works, like cooking, cleaning the home, etc at the same time. And after my son’s birth I had to lay over my PhD studies more than one year and I had to bring up my little child. It is not easy to manage both of them, feeding a small baby and doing my PhD studies even my mother’s support for raising my child. The conditions are not the same with a man doing his PhD studies.


Asst. Prof. Eren Evin Kilickaya Boğ

By: Asst. Prof. Eren Evin Kilickaya Boğ