The 10th Year Anniversary – My Story of Gratefulness to TIIKM

Conference for Research Dissemination

The year 2018 opened my mind to the arena of international presentation as a way of research findings dissemination. I had joined several international presentations under at least three international organizing team and I found those events interesting and beneficial. As I continue to search for avenues of dissemination, I realized there is more to what I am looking for. Year 2020, I just happened to browse the call for abstracts for the International Conference on Education 2021. I immediately submitted the abstract of my study and was able to communicate to the organizers. I also applied as a member of Scientific Committee and I was warmly welcomed as one of the reviewers of abstracts. It was a joy in my heart to serve and at that moment, I could sense the affable environment in TIIKM community. From then on, I started following the events organized by TIIKM. For three years, I was able to join three of their events – International Conference on Education (ICEDU), International Conference on Future of Education (FOE) and International Conference on Public Health (ICOPH). It is fruitful to be engaged not just as a research presenter but as a Scientific Committee Member, Session Chair, Social Media Ambassador and Country Coordinator. It widens my horizon as it introduces me to the global community of researchers.

Best Practices in Conference Organizing

TIIKM carefully plans every event that they organize, both before, during and post-conference activities. Their events are not just events-in-time, but events-building-community. Promotion and information dissemination are done ahead of time with clarity of direction. They reach out to organizations and institutions not just virtually but physically, to let researchers and professionals know that they are real persons with real intentions. Resource speakers are carefully selected to provide meaningful and up-to-date knowledge that will upgrade delegates’ competencies pertaining research. Participants develop in them the thrill of being part of the event even before the conference starts because TIIKM’s effort of recognizing them and bringing into the world the importance of their participation. During the conference, both virtual and physical, presenters feel the ambiance of friendly connection as they are appreciated for sharing what they have discovered in their study. International connections are built. Widening of research scope starts because of these meaningful engagements. TIIKM shows their professionalism even after the conference. They are diligent in communicating with the participants, still wanting to serve more through publication and other services and updates that they can still offer. Once you become a participant of TIIKM events, you will be inspired to continue being part of their endeavors.

Enhancing Research Impact

The first study that I presented under TIIKM (ICEDU 2021) is “Parent-Teacher-Learner Collaboration in Modular Distance Learning.” After the event, citations of this study started to increase in count, as evident in my ResearchGate, Google Scholar and Semantic Scholar accounts. This study and the presentation of it aided me in winning different educator and research awards both locally and internationally. ICEDU 2022 acknowledged me in my presentation of “Getting into Learners’ Pace: QR-Coded Supplemental Materials for SHS Learners in the Division of Laguna, Philippines” as they included it in the Overall Best Presentation. Through this event, other division in our province contacted me to share this innovation in teaching. It was also the same year when two of the districts in our province became Academic Partners of the conference – Department of Education Nagcarlan District and Department of Education Lumban District. We benefitted much through this Academic Partnership as many researchers from our locality was able to participate and present in this event. This year, my two learners and I presented “Lived-Experience of Former ALS (Alternative Learning System) Students in Nagcarlan, Laguna, Philippines” and we are very thankful for winning Best Presentation under the theme Fostering Equity in Education during ICEDU 2023. I was invited to speak under live radio broadcast in a well-known, premier university in the Philippines because of the impact that this study brought to ALS students and even to the world of academe. My studies are being shared abroad through the events spearheaded by TIIKM. All glory belongs to God!

The Amazing People in TIIKM

For three years that I have been following and participating in the events by TIIKM, this year 2023 was the first time I met them personally. Last June 2023, they reached out to our division and we met Sir Isanka Gamage and Sir Austin Joseph. The warmness of their virtual connection to us equaled that of physical encounter. TIIKM are indeed people-loving. Whatever is your culture or nationality, you will sense their truthfulness in reaching out and in serving the people around the world. In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (July 2023), during the lastly conducted FOE 2023, Dr. Nilda V. San Miguel (my colleague in the Department of Education, Laguna) and I also met Ms. Deshani Pathirana and Ms. Kokila Hemakumara. We felt the same friendly spirit and saw the same professionalism, so much more we long to see all the amazing people in TIIKM. We can’t wait to be in Sri Lanka next year for ICEDU 2024, if God’s will, to meet all the people behind the 10-year success of TIIKM. I began to love not just the events they are organizing but the people who are giving their lives for the success of this institution, as they serve the community of educators and researchers around the globe.

I am Dr. Elymar A. Pascual, the District Teacher Research Coordinator of the Department of Education, Nagcarlan Sub-Office, Laguna, Philippines, a proud participant, delegate and follower of The International Institute of Knowledge Management. Salute for their 10th Year Anniversary!