It is a clear demonstration today that the world is returning to its normalcy post the COVID – 19 pandemic and it is vital for every individual, institution, a business and including the state sector to be dynamic to adapt to the changing nature to ensure to avoid facing obsoleteness. The International Institute of Knowledge Management (TIIKM) is widely recognized as one of the most resilient companies during the recent crisis who ensured the going concern in the pursuit of developing communities and nurturing researchers by promoting the fact that career development is a factor that never should be hindered by introducing Online Webinar Series and Virtual Conferences. The recently published Newsletter for the month of July 2020 provides clear evidence as to the amount of emphasis the establishment has provided in transforming the discussed intent to reality. The Newsletter is addressed by the Co-Founder, CEO and Chairman of TIIKM who has emphasized on important components such as adaptability and to be responsive to the change by converting threats to opportunities whilst serving the community, the society and the world at large alongside preserving and conserving natural resources which are scarce in nature towards creating a promising future for the generations to lead a life filled with prosperity.

Read the Newsletter for the month of July on information and news pertaining to the Webinars, the Conferences and the Activities that are organized within the said period.

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