Why Research is the key

Why Research is the key


Why Research is the key? –To an academic – To a professional


May it be a corporate research or an academic research, a qualitative research or a quantitative research in any field of interest, the basic purpose of a research is to inform action, prove an already established theory and to contribute to the developing knowledge in a given field of study.

But how many of us engage in researches serving the purpose? That’s the real problem. Many of us do researches for the sake of fulfilling the academic requirement and at the end of the day, all our efforts have gone for a grade in the academic transcript giving nothing to the society or the future generations. Doesn’t a research have to leave a message or an insight to the people of tomorrow?

In reality, research should not be something you do for the sake of doing, but something your soul demands for. A research done in full passion, can be nothing less than productive, and there are whole a lot of benefits of engaging in research as an academic and a scholar.

Research – as a tool of knowledge building and learning facilitation

Whoever says research is just for students and academics to excel in their academic pathways is badly blundered because, the reality is- it’s not. Research is a need, and a passion that should be there among professionals too.

Knowledge under any field pertains to facts and figures of a study processed by the human brain and research is in fact the best mode of enhancing knowledge and taking it to the next step. Reading books, articles, listening to experts and even conducting scientific experiments can give you the necessary knowledge, and as we all know, knowledge- once instilled, cannot be stolen or killed by any means any day, no matter how far technologies are going to get improved.

Research- as a mechanism of understanding issues and creating public awareness

Every research has a research problem and all the information gathering, analysis and discussions then are based on this research problem identified. Say poverty for an example of an identified research problem, and then what the researcher does is to dig deep into the root causes of poverty, the impacts of it on the social and cultural aspects of nations and so on, and this is what is really meant by understanding issues during a research.

Public awareness happens when the results of this research come out and get reached to the general public and especially, the policy makers. This can be pointed out as the best part of a research- the publications because if not for publications, there is no way that a research insight could meet the eye of an authority.

Research- as an aid to Business Success

Ever wondered why, even the large scale business organizations maintain a massive budget for R&D in their annual budgets? This is simply because research and development is that important for businesses as much as they are for academics and scholars.

Every business today, function in turbulent environments and things change drastically in a blink of an eye. Trends come and go instantly, while businesses don’t even see fads coming until they are gone. To be in line with all these and to be updated, research is crucial for businesses and they are often brought to the public awareness as case studies. Case studies reveal how businesses win challenges and the strategies used by them, giving useful insights for the future business world.

So, as you can see, research is the only way to support what you perceive to be true and prove wrong what you perceive to be false. If not for proof, if not for strong evidences, no ideology can be established in this world and this is where research and publications come in to place with a greater significance.

With TIIKM conferences and publications, all your research efforts are valued and given due recognition. First you get to present your research efforts in front of an international audience and then secondly, you get to have your research findings published on a reputed journal. Whoever you are, where ever you are in your academic or professional paths, you gifting something valuable to the society and to see that the society accepts it is a privilege at the end of the day right? TIIKM knows the self-prestige researchers enjoy having their research efforts presented and published and facilitating this has always been their pleasure too.

By: Oshadee Withanawasam