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Conferences are NOT just for academics to attend- they are for the CORPORATE WORLD too!

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Conferences are NOT just for academics to attend- they are for the CORPORATE WORLD too!

What should corporate attendees know when attending conferences for the first time?

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Many of us know international Conferences as knowledge sharing platforms where the academic sector presents their research findings to the world, upon a selected topic or a theme. These conferences also allow people to come and listen to the insights shared by the intellectuals, and this option is often called as ‘Attending’ where they get the opportunity of being among the audience to listen to the discussions upon a certain matter, while also actively engaging in them by sharing their own ideas and experiences.

But, most of us do not know who can really attend an International Conference. We often think that, as these conferences are for researchers, we- the people working in the corporate sector, without having researches in hand, cannot take part in the conferences. Sometimes, we really feel that a certain topic will surely be of importance to us, to improve our ways of doing business or to improve our operational processes, but we don’t attend conferences, because we don’t know enough about the opportunities that can be there for you- for the ones in the corporate sector.

If you are someone in the sales or marketing sector in the corporate world, then you have all the reasons to attend a conference on a regular basis. This is because conferences are the best way out there to have the best networking moments, with top profiles, that you’ll never meet elsewhere. Even for the others in the corporate sector, conferences are important if they discuss facts relevant to you and your processes. This is the reason why companies allocate a portion of their budgets for training and development, and this includes conferences too.

In this article, we will explore every benefit that the corporate world has from a conference, and what should be they knowing when attending a conference for the first time.

Tip 01- Be prepared: Plan ahead.

If you are a corporate representative, and especially if this is the first time you are attending an international conference make sure you have a good plan. Once you have confirmed your participation and made the relevant payments, you are generally sent the conference schedule, which will act as the agenda for you.

A conference schedule has all what you need to know about the conference that you are going to attend. Go through it quite carefully and know what areas will be covered in the conference that are of interest to you, and who will be delivering those presentations or the speeches. Explore the speakers a bit, know their expertise and make sure you know what benefits you can get from them even before meeting them in person.

And, be prepared. You’ll have to be wise if you want to make the maximum use of your investment. Take business cards with you. That’s the point where it all begins for most of the corporate sector attendees.

Tip 02- Pick your sessions carefully.

Most of the international Conferences do have parallel sessions when it comes to technical presentations. Since you are given the conference schedule beforehand, you know what sessions are there held at this particular time, and you can thus decide on which session to take part in. Go for the sessions that would bring you more knowledge, experience, and opportunities always. That’s for what you go there in the first place.

Tip 03- Be active: Be engaged

Most of the individuals in the corporate sector do not actively engage in conference discussions, sometimes due to the fear that their questions will not be valued by the academic experts. This is not the case. As per our experience with TIIKM Conferences, even the top profiles in the academic arena, sometimes get surprised by the real-world scenarios shared by the corporate representatives.

People can be judgmental, but the real intellectuals are not. You may raise any question you need to a speaker at a conference, and you’ll be provided with answers, that may really solve a problem that you always had in your business. You may raise a question, then you’ll be provided with an answer, and sometimes another delegate will say- no, with me it happened like this, and this can forever change your way of thinking and we never know what the circumstances are.

So, in an international conference, take chances, attend all networking events there, and be with the audience. Know what you don’t know and make good relationships.

*Attending a conference is surely a considerable investment, and it’s the attendees’ duty to get the maximum use of it, with all tips mentioned above in a gist. Thinking of attendees, TIIKM Conferences do host several networking elements in their programs that make you get exposed to all presenters and other delegates in greater extents.

Also, if you feel like taking part just on one day of the conference, which you as the most relevant to you, TIIKM Conferences allow you to have the one-day attendance option, adjusting their investment and benefit elements.

So, gone are the days international Conferences were just for academics. Now, they are for corporate citizens too. Make your decision right, and get on board with a right International Conference that best suits you and your interests. Life is a journey where you learn every minute you spend, and let TIIKM guide you in guiding you towards the best.

Written By  Isanka P. Gamage



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