The world at present has naturally evolved to be a place of issues, challenges and questions that often end up to be rhetorical but with a difference this time ; the answer is unknown. The former mentioned obstacles have led towards the deterioration of information that is presumed to be factual and the urgency for authentic sources is of paramount importance. The seriousness of information and knowledge pertaining to some sectors are relatively more material i.e. in the Education and learning sphere where knowledge requires adequate management ensuring the amplification of the benefit pertaining to the facilitation of such Knowledge is received at its optimum.

It is a widely accepted fact that sufficient ‘Research’ serves as the basic underlying factor in the pursuit towards finding equitable solutions that promises sustainability over a period of time. The world today has transformed itself to a market place that is saturated with institutions that have come into being with the objective of bridging the defined gap that exists between the ‘Knowledge Sources’ and the ‘Knowledge Seekers’ and the representation of the true pursuit is often manipulated for mere means of enlarging the profits generated. This pathetic view of looking down on the industry has led to the brink of the trust and faith entrusted on sources for Researchers; resembling the Knowledge Sources and the Practitioners, the Knowledge Seekers to come on a common ground to connect together for the betterment of the community and the society at large.

When Knowledge transmission is concerned for real, Academic Conferences play a significant role in establishing such connection to facilitate such process. Academic Conferences today could be found in every nook and corner due to the lesser barriers for entry in place for the industry under consideration as it requires minimum capital requirement and some minor knowledge in organizing events especially with the advent of the Virtual Conferences courtesy to the COVID – 19, the initiation is just a CLICK away! In the name of Academic Conferences and that too branded as International, most Conferences are organized in the form of events that comprise of profiles and affiliations that are relatively less known yet to satisfy the requirement pertaining to the appearance to be appealing and the bait is “Price” that is way too below par when meeting with industry standards.

The International Institute of Knowledge Management (TIIKM) is a legally incorporated Knowledge Management Institute that is certified by the CPD Certification Services, UK https://cpduk.co.uk/providers/the-international-institute-of-knowledge-management               for demonstrating superior quality in organizing Academic Conferences with industry cohesiveness confining to not just theory but also believing every letter should contain a voice and caters to be possible for practical implementations to an ongoing issue or a challenge in the said community or a probable answer to a global phenomenon. TIIKM holds pride to have organized in over 120 International Conferences; International here refers to the representation of participants from over 25 countries for a single edition https://publichealthconference.co/icoph-2019/ and have recorded a participant representation from 111 Countries from across the globe to date during the 9 years of its standing hosting Conferences in 8 countries i.e. China, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka and Vietnam with future prospects planned to penetrate into the European market by organizing the very first in the region with Italy being the destination. In addition, TIIKM proved to be one of the most resilient Academic Conference organizers in the South Asian region qualifying to organize the biggest Virtual Conference with 180 participants representing from 42 countries https://blog.tiikm.com/defining-a-truly-international-conference-experience/ covering 6 continents for 3 Days around the clock and this feat has been highly commended              by          the         participants       who               attended             the         Conference https://www.facebook.com/TIIKMconferences/reviews.

When ‘Quality’ as a component is shed light, TIIKM Conferences are successful due to several factors that are well aligned with the Corporate values of the institute as the mentioned is embedded in the day to day operations and in the lifestyle of the employees at work prioritizing clients before self, understanding the depth and the seriousness of the tasks carried out as it caters to the Career developments of people. Commencing from internal processes such as acknowledging the receipts of inquiries and managing them timely to mid-level processes such as shortlisting affiliations and resource persons to external processes in delivering promises with a blend of providing a Unique pleasant Conference experience, TIIKM Conferences are never prepared to compromise on the industry standards meeting international caliber at any cost !

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Arshad Refai

Article by

Mr. Arshad Refai
Head  of Marketing
The International Institute of Knowledge Management