‘Research’ a term that a majority often fancy using to relate to something that has relevance for seeking or finding about something with some evidence or background to rely on. However, Research when considered from a narrower sense serving real definition does have material impact solving the question that formed the basis for such endeavor. When providing close concerns to the world we live in today, we often encounter with issues and challenges than ever before may it be with the advent of a pandemic, an alarming situation or a deviation to the conventional way of everyday life. This demands the urge of inculcating the habit of engaging in research and especially is very important amongst the younger generation to step out to seek novel knowledge.

When Academic Conferences globally are taken for consideration, it is understood that the budding researchers or the new entrants in the research sphere are not given due recognition nor the space to exploit and explore the opportunities to develop in their career ladders. This is quite often represented with the exclusion of features or specifications in the Conference program that cater to the requirements of an early researcher blinded in the aim towards decorating the product to demonstrate superiority in scientific presence. This extends to situations where the early researchers or popularly referred to as the Student category is made to compete with the senior researchers whilst the presence of some pros are evident, it is seldom that it surpasses the cons of the situation under consideration.

The Academic Conferences organized by The International Institute of Knowledge Management (TIIKM) are designed and organized on the basis of a purpose; nurturing budding researchers to engage in research in the most desired manner and with the aim of developing the career of the research fraternity as a whole. TIIKM is a CPD accredited Knowledge Management institute that has been certified by the CPD Certification Services UK for adhering with the International standards in organizing Academic Conferences. TIIKM Conferences are popular among all categories of participants, may it be the Students or the Delegates when categorical classification is concerned or the Presenters or Non-Presenters (popularly referred to as Attendees) classified based on the nature of participation, they are all served with equity and fairness at the reception of meaningful knowledge and useful information.

When young researchers are shed light into in specific, TIIKM Conferences customizes some of the featured events to suit the requirements of the same by means of organizing Workshops for Academic Writing, Workshops for Resume Writing, Publication Workshops that outline the importance of Publishing, how to avoid predatory journals and publishing sources, the ethics in Publications, tips on how to develop full papers to increase the possibility of getting published etc. In addition to this some of the industry workshops targeting the early and the young researchers to embark on finding topics with much urgency for addressing such as Youth Activism on Social Media Harassment, New Normal to a New Beginning ; how to form a sustainable society etc. They are also made available to exclusive sessions such as the ‘Share Your Story’ sessions which enables those experienced and those who have lived through difficult times and eventually succeeded to nurture the youngsters with life moments that could concrete their vision of achieving big. TIIKM Conferences are particular in ensuring that there are designated sessions segregated in accordance to the classification of the participants i.e. separate sessions for students to compete in their own realm gaining confidence whilst made available to listen to the senior researchers presenting in their own designated technical sessions. 5 of the must-attend Conferences for young researchers in the year 2021 are as follows;



WORLD CONFERENCE ON CHILDREN AND YOUTH The 3rd World Conference on Children and Youth 2021 (CCY 2021) is a premier interdisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners, academicians and social and youth activists to present and discuss the latest research findings, concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the fields of Children and Youth. The featured events of the Conference consists of a Global Youth Dialogue on ‘Sexual Exploitation of Children and Youth’, Workshop on Mainstreaming Youth Empowerment Incubation for Inclusive and Sustainable Youth Development Time, Workshop on Working with Media and Radical Imagination in Educational Settings: From the Local to the Global and Vice-Versa, a Workshop on Children’s Rights, Parental Responsibility And Child Protection In Early Childhood Interventionand a Scholarly Publication Workshop discussing on the importance of Publishing and some importance take-away to become a Successful researcher.

Visit: youthstudies.co for more information.



Future of Education 2021 warmly welcomes you to explore contemporary education while providing an exciting opportunity to meet with like-minded people and industry peers from all over the world, in parallel sessions with many networking and publishing opportunities. This is a CPD UK certified International Conference hosted by SUNY Oneonta, USA with the partnership of the International Journal of Teaching and Learning, the Journal of Gender and Education, Innovations in Education and Teaching International and Professional Development in Education, highly renowned Internationally peer reviewed indexed in Scopus Journals. The special features of the Conference are exclusively designed for development purposes i.e. Workshop on Evidence-Based Strategies for Improving Learning, Seminar on Quantitative Research: Recognizing different Statistical Tools which is of paramount importance for any researcher to excel in their research work and a Publication Workshop conducted by Dr. Brian D. Beitzel, Professor of Educational Psychology, School of Education and Human Ecology, State University of New York College, Oneonta, New York, USA.

Visit: futureofedu.co for more information.



ARTS AND HUMANITIES CONFERENCE 2021This year the Conference focuses on how can the Arts and Humanities contribute to understanding and promoting Health? How can we engage Creatively, Collaboratively, and inclusively in Health discourse? In what ways can Traditional, Contemporary, Narrative, and Artistic Medical practices converge in healing individuals, societies, and the Environment? The Conference comprises of 3 Internationally Peer Reviewed Journals indexed in SCOPUS i.e. Theatre, Dance and Performance Training, Early Popular Visual Culture and Word and Image published by Taylor & Francis Online. This year at ICOAH 2021, the Conference is enriched with three exciting industry related Workshops titled; ‘Co-Creating a New Future: Harnessing The Collective Imagination’ , ‘Finding Your Passion’ and ‘The Path from Academia To Activism: Moving the Health Humanities from Theory to Practice’ with the intent of bridging study to industry.

Visit: fineartsconference.com for more information.



tourism conferenceThis year we are focusing on learning from the best practices around the world in rebuilding, as since the beginning of the year 2020 the Tourism and Hospitality industry has been struggling in an unprecedented manner, facing the biggest global challenge in 100 years, COVID-19 Pandemic. The Conference will be Co-Chaired by Dr. Chandana Jayawardena, International Ambassador and Past President of the Institute of Hospitality (HCIMA), UK and Prof. Dr. D.A.C. Suranga Silva, Secretary General, Tourism and Hospitality Educators and Researchers Association of Asia (THERAA). The Keynote Forum will be represented by Dr. Paul Willie, Past President of the Ontario Chapter of the Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP) Association and Chairperson of the Certification Advisory Council, HFTP Global together with Dr. Mihee Kang, Director of Asia-Pacific, Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). The plenary forum will be represented by Dr. Yanki Hartijasti, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia and Dr. Sumith De Silva, Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications, Airport and Aviation Services (Sri Lanka) (Private) Limited, Sri Lanka.

Visit: https://tourismconference.co/ for more information.



Each year, the WDRC develops a new theme based on input from the previous year’s conference attendees, which are taken into consideration by the conference chairperson in an effort to reflect inspiring and critical ideas in both fields of Disability and Rehabilitation. This year, through the input of a number of participants and other professionals. The theme is “IT Takes a Village” Accessing Disability Services across the Globe”.  The conference theme offers guiding questions for participants, as they reflect on how to present their scholarly, activities and/or policy-oriented work. Here we ask: What does it mean to create a livable planet and what is the role of disability and rehabilitation professionals and scholars in this most necessary of all endeavors? A livable planet demands collaboration across disciplines, ideologies, experiences, and worldviews.

Visit: https://disabilityconference.co/ for more information.

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