Academic Conferences are quite popular in the world today with the industry witnessing an upward climb over the years. This is presumed to be a good sign from its outer appearance but the question lies with respect to the outcome they produce in such endeavor. The pathetic truth behind operating Conferences of this caliber with the absence of an objective and a vision towards achieving a designated outcome is the underlying intent of ‘maximizing profits’ as business as an essence surpasses the intention of developing something that has an optimistic impact on uplifting a community. ‘Quality’ is the superlative form of distinguishing the good from the bad when the Knowledge Management industry is concerned and ‘Identity’ and ‘Brand’ are those factors that ought to get along to have a complete outcome. Success is not defined unless it is time bound and the only way to ensure this is to embrace adaptability as a vital attitude to prove a point that is valid for the stakeholders operating in a distorted ambience today.

The absence of a true purpose and a solid vision for the industry to do justice to those researchers with a career to be made into reality led to the birth of The International Institute of Knowledge Management (TIIKM). It was evident at the time the institute was incorporated that there were a

SUCCESS IN ACADEMIC CONFERENCEShandful of entities in Asia that was concerned about organizing Conferences but a very few were focused on having a systematic process to introduce solutions to problems pertaining to Knowledge Management. TIIKM was particular about answering the question of ‘Why Academic Conferences?’ and ‘What is that the Conferences so widely organized across the globe has on offer?’ and the journey to finding the answers and to concrete them is what TIIKM as an establishment is all about. TIIKM is a CPD UK certified Conference organizer ( with a history spanning over 9 years with a total of 6376 participants representing from 115 Countries from across the globe which consists of an approximate     700       Graduates and Undergraduates, 2336 Master and PhD Students and nearly 800 Professors, 1800 Doctors and Senior profiles, 600 Industry professionals and 140 Govt. officials participated to date.

Why is TIIKM Different?

TIIKM has distinct features from a typical Conference organizer and identified itself as a Knowledge management institute for that reason where by bridging the gap between the Knowledge seekers and the Knowledge sources, the transmission of information was made possible. This transmission is of huge importance in finding equitable solutions in the world today or an answer for a probable global phenomenon which remains a question for ages. The Conferences organized and powered by TIIKM are not designed for mere Academic purposes but also with the link that connects the outside world making them more industry cohesive.

What is the Secret Formula?

The million dollar question what many Conference organizers themselves are unable to figure out to establish the going concern and register longevity in their endeavors. Well….It is simple, get into the shoes of the participants and just structure the desires and the outcome one would yearn for and not something the participants have to eventually settle for due to the fact they are registered with the Conference. This is exactly what happens at TIIKM Conferences as the needs of the participants are well understood with experience and the feedback received from the Evaluation sheets are not merely only on paper but are provided close concerns when designing the next Conference. In the space of improving and increasing customer satisfaction, TIIKM has had large investments on time, effort and financially made that has resulted in maximizing the passion the participants developed within for the tasks undertaken for not only for personal aims but also considering the larger outcome for the community.

In this regard, TIIKM has recorded a number of initiations some of which have been the first in the country and the region such as the ‘KnowEx Online’ as the trusted solution for Open Access Publishing owing to the negligence that happen to some of the researches that do not qualify to be published in reputed journals and other sources of Publishing to go vain. The introduction of the PublisHELP ; a customized guidance service that is offered to budding researchers and to all those who require assistance on refining their research papers to increase the chances of publishing in reputed Journals internally acclaimed as it was evident especially in the Asian region that the research papers pertaining to good research content needed some assistance to fine tuning to be considered for publishing. This is in line with the vision statement of the institute “Revolutionizing the Asian Research Culture.”

SUCCESS IN ACADEMIC CONFERENCESWhen the internal processes are concerned, the team at TIIKM are highly versatile and dynamic in nature ever ready to adapt to the evolving world. With the recent pandemic taking the globe by surprise, TIIKM was one of the earliest entities in the region to adapt to the #WorkfromHome culture ensuring no compromising was done in serving the participants who have committed themselves already by conducting the Conferences online and maximizing benefits to be received from the comfort of their own. The team was also involved in inquiring on each individual participant from the network providing scholarships and complementary registrations to those regions that succumbed the most damages to ensure their careers are unhindered at times of turmoil. The Conferences organized online were not typical online type Conferences but a studio setup was behind the scenes consisting of the mics, cameras, podium, backdrop, lighting and etc powered by the premier Event organizing company TIIKM EVENTS.

SUCCESS IN ACADEMIC CONFERENCES‘Innovation’ has been a characteristic that is embedded with TIIKM enabling to survive under any circumstance with no compromising on the desired outcome produced as TIIKM IS NOT A DESTINATION BUT A DESTINY!

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